BUCK invited me to Art Direct a short film that would showcase the capabilities of 5G networks provided by Verizon. For this film, a canvas of 5 4k screen would be utilized to display content in a mobile theater. Content completely wrapping the users on 3 sides, creating an immersive brand experience. 

Client: Verizon
Design Agency: BUCK
Creative Director Jodi Terwilliger
Associate Creative Director: Chris Palazzo
Art Director: James Zanoni
Design: Chris Palazzo, Taylor James, Saad Moosajee, James Zanoni
Animation: Jordan Scott, Taylor James, Saad Moosajee, James Zanoni
Edit: Peter Brandi

Anthem Film:

The Canvas:

Ambient Mode Design Exploration:

Content Layout and Design:

5G Currency Design  (final animation by Jordan Scott):

5G Frequency Design (final frequence animation, network design and animation by Taylor James):

James Zanoni, Inc.