The Sequence installation at Sanford Imagenetics was designed to a visual reflection of the groundbreaking research being conducted at this newly bbuilt genomic health facility. The unique light sculpture and its accompanying interactive interfaces allow visitors to being to learn what makes each person so different through their own DNA.

The floor displays issue playful invitations to engage, eliciting voice and facial inputs from the passerby.  This biometric data triggers an on-screen visualization—inspired by the unique individual patterns of DNA—which is then reflected through animation in the light sculpture overhead.


Client: Sanford Imagenetics
Design Agency: Second Story
Creative Director: Ben Krukniet
UX Director: Adi Marom
Art Director: James Zanoni
Architectural Design: Jeian Jeong
Creative Technologists: Chris Carlson, Adam Paikowsky

Initial Style Frames on Facial Recognition and Totem Output:

Studies into DNA influenced totems:

Final User Generated totems:

UI Design:

Case Study:

James Zanoni, Inc.